A TIMELINE of our evolution

The distinct culture of Collins and Krank has always been rooted in a profound sense of traditional values, process-driven quality and unwavering teamwork.

Over the years, we’ve fostered an environment that reveres the wisdom of the past but embraces the innovations of tomorrow. Through our dedication to refined, established procedures we believe our clients have received – and we will strive to ensure they will receive – a quality and dependable service.

Officially founded by Jeff Collins and Brien Krank in 2015, the roots of Collins and Krank date back decades earlier.

  • Brien Krank joins Smith Barney

  • Jeff Collins joins Piper Jaffray in the options department

  • Brien Krank becomes part of the institutional portfolio management group at Smith Barney

  • Brien Krank promoted to institutional portfolio manager at Smith Barney

  • Jeff Collins joins his father J. Michael Collins at Morgan Stanley

  • Morgan Stanley and Solomon Smith Barney merge after the financial crisis, and the Fargo offices are the first to combine in the entire nation

  • Jeff Collins and Brien Krank become partners at Morgan Stanley

  • Jennifer Oakland joins the team

  • Jeff Collins and Brien Krank leave Morgan Stanley to form Collins and Krank to become an independent practice aligned with Raymond James Financial Services

  • Collins and Krank opens its  office at 300 NP Avenue and Darla joins the firm

  • McKayla Glasser joins the team as a client service associate

  • Harrison Krank joins the team

  • Collins and Krank expand their office at 300 NP Avenue

  • Esme Melander Joins the team

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William Butler Yeats